it never ends but grace is usually found…

thursday i had the privilege of spending the day with my sister (pic taken around 6:30am on our way to portland). something we have not done in.. well I can’t remember how long. I was (not that I needed to be reminded) reminded of what a wonderful human being she is. Kelly is incredibly kind and one of the most compassionate people i know. we spent the day laughing and having great conversations and sharing memories. mind you I was a bit hopped up on anesthesia and pain meds for most of the time we spent together. you see she brought me down to maine medical for yet another procedure, thankfully only day surgery. however even with the surgery and being in pain it actually wasn’t a bad day at all and that’s in part to her. i can’t express my love and gratitude for this woman i’ve known all my life and who when together can talk and talk and talk.. i adore her and who she is. i also want to thank Nate who took the day off of work to be with the kids so she could drive me down and drive me back home.. they both started their day with the littlest vomiting and being sick and he drove a bunch of kids on a school field trip. 

this sickness of mine has been 6 1/2 years going now.. it’s certainly a long ass haul and one that I’d be most happy to be down with.. although it doesn’t appear that i will be anytime soon. it’s not an easy road being with someone or having someone in your family who has major health issues. this also includes friends. i can’t tell you how many missed birthday’s, family get togethers, trips, visiting my french love Yann and his family, not being able to see Hayley as much and missing dinners and outings with my dear friends in the coffee girls group .. it’s extremely disappointing for sure. most of you know i’ve been battling severe depression and anxiety, but without the patience, love and support you’ve all shown me, I know I wouldn’t have made it this far. and thank you as well to anyone in my life who has been touched by my cancers and subsequent procedures and complications. i am truly grateful..

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