Hi there my name is Laurie O’Neil. I grew up in Dorchester,  Massachusetts and lived there for 20 years before moving to the beautiful state of Maine.

The majority of my images are in and around Maine and New England.
I like to take photos of what happens to catch my eye at the moment. It’s the small things that we all happen to miss when we are moving too fast. Photography has been my one constant in the last 30 years but especially now as I use it to remind myself to relish in the unexpected as well as what we perceive to be the mundane. 

In March of 2010 I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin Lymphoma Cancer. Unlike other cases similar to mine it was a stubborn one as it ended up coming back two months later. After two separate rounds of chemotherapy I had a Stem Cell Transplant (SCT) on February 29, 2012. I have written pretty openly and honestly about my experience on my blog both the pleasant and unpleasant. Having going through two cancers has most definitely altered my life as you can imagine. It’s a struggle every day for me to live the life I want while having the constraints of a transplant and the remaining effects of four bouts of chemo. In January of 2013 I developed Chronic Graft vs. Host Disease (cGVHD) which is a common occurrence from undergoing an Allogenic SCT for which I will have for the rest of my life. Over the course of 4 years I have had many treatments to try to control the cGVHD most of which didn’t do much. I now am doing ECP twice a week every week and when cGVHD is controlled I do every other week, twice a week and will indefinitely. 

It’s very difficult at times to live with cGVHD as well as other the other issues from the cancers and subsequent chemo. Every day I’m constantly working in staying present in the moment and finding gratitude in the “little stuff” which when finding the gratitude ends up not always being the “little stuff” 

I struggle with depression and anxiety and have kept this to myself but have realized recently I need to be more open as I was when I was first diagnosed with cancer 7 years ago. This page will show images and words of my day to day existence while living with a chronic illness.

You only have one life, don’t squander it, do what is in your heart and always remember to treat people how you would want to be treated. Respect and love go a long way.. 
Thanks for reading my words, have a look around and please let me know what you think..
Peace, Laurie

All my photos are protected under copyright. If you would like to use one of my images please feel free to contact me and I’m sure I would be more then happy to oblige.