monday’s musings…

“Sometimes I think that the difference between a tormented creative life and a tranquil creative life is nothing more then the difference between the word awful and the word interesting”
~ Elizabeth Gilbert ~

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thoughts for this tuesday…

“When we settle into the present moment, 
we can see beauties and wonders 
right before our eyes”
~ Thich Nhat Hanh ~

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thursday’s musings…

“Falsehood has an infinity of combinations, 
but truth has only one mode of being” 
~ Jean-Jacques Ronsseau ~

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street scenes…

a few more 
from my boston appt time.

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doc appts…

last week
another trip to boston for appts..
i usually go every month to every two months.
started to take more photos 
while there.
taking my time
to be present, in what’s around
and showing moments,
while keeping my anxiety
about my appts
in check 
with a creative outlet.


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tuesday musings…

tuesday morning thoughts:
the quiet before.
afraid of the storm outside,
or the one within?

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monday musing…

needing some color
amidst the white and grey

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friday: march 3 …

Its been another rough week.. however the small gifts that I try to look for help to keep me from drowning in darkness. Something as simple as Nala and how she likes to lay down with one arm or leg completely stretched out.. brings a smile to me.

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Scars and bruises are slowly healing. They make up what I’ve gone through and how I’ve gone through it. They are battle wounds and many times I’ve thought about laying down and giving up due to being so fucking tired of the fight. However they remind me that while I’ll have these scars and probably more to follow, they are badges to what I’ve accomplished just by being here and not giving up. It’s a moment to moment process. As is this beautiful #morninglight that only graced my windows for a few minutes. Small gifts that add up. #dailyintention

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monday musings…


The need to say what is real rather then gloss over it was strong. Struggling with how much to share regarding being sick and what goes on is constant and with my writing and photography I want to be more forthcoming, open and even vulnerable which is pretty scary, enough so that at times it makes me feel like I’m going to throw up. I vacillate between keeping private and what I just said above. After 7 years I’m sick and tired of being sick and all that it entails therefore I would think everyone else would too. Its not for pity or attention, just the need to do it for myself and maybe even help someone else who is going through a similar situation. Ok.. pardon me while I go heave 🙂

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