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sunday’s musing…

when you wake up to this… went outside, took some deep breaths,
feeling the fresh, cool air fill my lungs.
the smell of woodstoves in the air and
finding peace and beauty here in our winter wonderland. 


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friday’s musing …

In simplicity, we find beauty. 


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monday’s musing…

“Inspiration is always a surprising visitor.”
~ John O’Donohue ~

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wednesday’s thoughts…

happy wednesday all.. 
two weeks ago i was hospitalized with some cardiac issues
which are still being figured out unfortunately.. due to this and my 
other health issues, i’ve been extremely fatigued and not feeling well at all. 
because of this i’ve been looking at past pics to help me to feel better and
i wanted to share a few of my favorites with my french love 
at a cafe near where he lives… 

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tuesday’s musing…

Thankful for the rain that has come..

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friday’s musings…

Happy Friday all.. it’s been quite a week but I’m sitting on the porch,
sipping coffee and listening to the birds
while the smell of the woods and flowers surround me..
truly healing.

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monday’s musings…

last week she came home to visit me for 4 days
and as usual we had lots of laughs, food and conversation.

already looking forward to seeing her 
either for my wedding or christmas, which may very well
end up happening around the same time. 

i can’t wait to have her has my maid of honor 🙂

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thursday’s musings…

working hard at being present
to witness all I can.
appreciating all the while
even when sickness takes over,
my heart is full.

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thursday’s musings..

for a while i was struggling to resurrect the way i used to write prior to getting sick and the first couple of years of dealing with it. however through my readings of how other people manage creativity i’ve discovered it really is about accepting that the way we create can change, even if it is not your choice. the goal for me now is to come up with other ways to express how I feel while trying to be authentic and real in a world of perceived perfection. my writing is now a hodgepodge of what i’m able to present in the moment. whether its one word or a string of them. it’s an appreciation i’m only just now able to accept and to feel gratitude. 

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