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Decided to visit a road on my way back from ECP Treatment last week ( I have a 90 min drive each way). I’ve wanted to check it out for a while and I’m so glad I did.. found a lovely path to China Lake… ended up being a much needed stop for fresh air and peace.

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Hello Again..

Wow.. I can’t believe its been so long since I’ve had a post. I think I needed a much needed break, without even realizing it.

A quick update on things.. my stem cell transplant is going well. In fact my doc’s say I should be the poster girl for how well these transplants go. Having said that, there still are many tests and milestones to go before I am in the clear. I do still have a lot of fatigue and having days of not feeling well at all. Its also starting to get difficult to not be able to do things I am used to do. Having said all that.. I did have a birthday last week and really feel very grateful for this birthday and for the people who are in my life. They have been by my side through everything and I can’t imagine how it would have been had they not. The biggest thank you and person I am grateful for is my generous stem cell donor.  I am a very lucky lady to be here today.. also thanks for everyone who has followed my over the years and for anyone knew who is following along.

Since I’m so far behind I thought rather then make this blog huge with pics I will post images from the last few weeks though out this week. I may speak about them, I may not. I may post cell phone images or DSLR images. I know that I will give myself some slack about how I think I should be posting so I can just allow myself to post.

The following images were taken at Pemaquid Point on the coast here in Maine. I was feeling very well that day so decided to take a drive. It was beautiful here on the coast. The breeze and salty air were balms for my body. I feel tired when I got back home but very much better for it.

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