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friday’s musings..

“Learning to let go should be learned before learning to get.
Life should be touched, not strangled.
You’ve got to relax, let it happen at times,
and at others move forward with it.”
~ Ray Bradbury ~

monday musings…

the quiet 
calms my fractured nerves
puts right the chaos
that allows me to hear
sweet sounds amidst the roar

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doc appts…

last week
another trip to boston for appts..
i usually go every month to every two months.
started to take more photos 
while there.
taking my time
to be present, in what’s around
and showing moments,
while keeping my anxiety
about my appts
in check 
with a creative outlet.


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tuesday musings…

tuesday morning thoughts:
the quiet before.
afraid of the storm outside,
or the one within?

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monday musing…

needing some color
amidst the white and grey

red and white.. how well these colors go together.. 
especially when the white is freshly fallen snow
and the red is beautiful iron work.

the quiet beckons
pockets of peace linger round
breath in, sooth the mind


happy summer…

peonies in bloom
layers of soft pink petals
subtle, their perfume


love to orlando…

we shed tears for those lost,
ache for the friends and family
to deal with the aftermath.
the only solace i can take amidst all this grief
is to know that even within these tragedies
there are people who will help heal.
they will step forth to show us light
and attest that love and kindness
still exist.
we just have to look under
all the darkness to find it.


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monday morning….

camera in hand
trying to capture moments
of the many shades of early summer.
to feel
the lushness that is now.
to show
tightly closed buds.
before they open
revealing soft petals of velvet,
displaying their inner brilliance.

_DSC2603 _DSC2605 _DSC2607

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