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monday’s musings…

every once in a while
I get glimpses of how
I used to be and how I felt
remnants of life before cancer,
knocking on the door of the present, asking not to be forgotten.
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corners of comfort…

nooks that offer comfort
as well as healing..
this is where I spend most of my time.

here a few images of quiet moments
taken this past winter…

_DSC2503 _DSC2447 _DSC2498 _DSC2513

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every day i need to write
every day i need to find ways to be creative
every day i need to find inspiration
every day i need to be in the moment

to be

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my Love…

to be cared for,

inside my French Love’s thoughts,

caressed by his ideas,

kissed by his words,

loved by his soul,

he is my home.


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I was able to spend a day with Hayley last week… always good for me.


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winter morning light..

It was a beautiful sunrise here in Hallowell this morning.
The sun glinting off freshly fallen overnight snow created subtle movements in the delicate dawning light.

January 29, 2013-_DSC4754

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twas an icy morning…

We’ve had quite a bit of freezing late as of late.. while it can be a little scary to drive in and or walk on, It makes for some lovely images..

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twas a frosty morning (part 1) …

one of my favorite reasons for this time of year,
is early morning frost,
on fallen autumn leaves,
and the dawning light of a new day causing natural twinkle lights.

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a little snow to start the day…

Winter came and knocked on our door this morning.
Woke up this Thursday to our first snow of the season.
Wasn’t very much.
Just enough to leave a blanket of winter white
over the browns and yellows of the fading Autumn season.



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I’ve been doing a lot of this lately or should I say for the last couple of years. Resting. Its not an easy thing. I do know when I don’t get enough rest (which is a large amount) I’m not well. Mentally or physically. I always remind myself even if I do simple things, those simple things can cause fatigue that will floor me at times. This picture reminds me to rest and those around me will be ok and while resting I will be ok and held securely.

~ Peace ~

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