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Here’s another one for my “Stranger’s I have known” series..

Please meet Troy..

We met last week while I was eating an early dinner in Portland at a great restaurant called Sonny’s. We started chatting and came to find out he is co-owner of a Portland General Store, a very nice personal care products line for men. You can find them here.

Troy also told me about a great book that would fit perfectly with what is going on in my life right now. It’s called “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor E. Frankl. I’ll be picking this up and reading it for sure.

I have to say with just having two stranger’s I photographed and met, I am by far richer then I was before I started this project. I can’t wait to see who else I’ll meet and while I will learn.

~ peace ~

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Stranger’s I Have Known..

I’ve had many photography projects swarming around in my head as of late and the need to create is getting stronger and stronger, possibly due to the impending transplant and the desire to stay focused and positive.

Happily I’ve already started to do some of them. I always knew I wanted to start a “Strangers I have known” project and last week I had my first chance. Maybe your asking why I want to start taking pictures of strangers? For one reason I feel the need to break out of my photography comfort zone. I’m not taking about using my zoom lens and stealthy taking a shot. The challenge will be to go up to a complete stranger and ask him/her if it would be ok to take their photo as well as ask a little bit about themselves.Truth be told this scares the crap out of me which is why it needs to be done. I feel like I need this challenge to grow and learn more about myself and hopefully about the people I’m photographing. Also, I want to make more connections and possibly make a difference somehow, to someone. Maybe by doing this I can. Not sure what that difference will be just yet and it may be something that just happens and I may not even know that it happened which would be completely fine. So how can I not try?  Sounds like a tall order from just taking a picture but it’s an order that I feel I need to place.

Here is the first in my “Stranger’s I Have Known” . Since I have a great affinity for music and thereby musician’s I thought I would ease into talking to strangers by talking first to a musician and asking him if I could take their picture. His name is James and he is from the Farmington, Me area. He doesn’t normally busk but when in Portland he likes to when he can.

Thank you to James for being the first in hopefully a long time of Strangers I Have Known.

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