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Seeing in Black and White..

It’s been raining here over the last few days which has kind of put me into a black and white kind of mood. It’s been almost two weeks since I’ve been able to edit photos due to being sick from chemo and in that time I realized I haven’t done much B&W. While I haven’t been able to edit I have been able to peruse other photographers images, mainly B&W and boy how I love them and miss doing them.. they create a different sentiment then color and can turn images towards a new direction not seen before. Yesterday I was finally able to edit for a bit and had done so in B&W. I’m thinking I need to do this more.. hope you enjoy these various scenes as much as I do..





























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Day 7/365~Sweetness…

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A Girl and her Beansy…

nov26 018 copyed

It’s been so nice having Hayley home these last few days..  The house is full of her energy and it’s like she never left. Tomorrow I take we make our way back to college.. while it wasn’t a long visit I’m so thankful for it just the same.. 🙂

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