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thursday’s musings…

working hard at being present
to witness all I can.
appreciating all the while
even when sickness takes over,
my heart is full.

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monday’s musings…

every once in a while
I get glimpses of how
I used to be and how I felt
remnants of life before cancer,
knocking on the door of the present, asking not to be forgotten.
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thursday’s musings..

for a while i was struggling to resurrect the way i used to write prior to getting sick and the first couple of years of dealing with it. however through my readings of how other people manage creativity i’ve discovered it really is about accepting that the way we create can change, even if it is not your choice. the goal for me now is to come up with other ways to express how I feel while trying to be authentic and real in a world of perceived perfection. my writing is now a hodgepodge of what i’m able to present in the moment. whether its one word or a string of them. it’s an appreciation i’m only just now able to accept and to feel gratitude. 

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monday musings…

the quiet 
calms my fractured nerves
puts right the chaos
that allows me to hear
sweet sounds amidst the roar

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friday’s musings…

quite often its hard to put myself out there
even more so when i’m feeling unwell,
mentally and physically.
my first response is to hide.. to turn inward
a feeling of protectiveness  
that feels like bird wings 
folding over my chest
lowering my head inside it all
finding comfort there
which i desperately crave.
this is time i’ve come to realize
that I need to do the opposite
so here i am.. wings open
head held high, 
faking it till i make it.

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Decided to visit a road on my way back from ECP Treatment last week ( I have a 90 min drive each way). I’ve wanted to check it out for a while and I’m so glad I did.. found a lovely path to China Lake… ended up being a much needed stop for fresh air and peace.

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three of us,

close friends

chatting over muffins and coffee

while sitting in the screenedin porch

on this early spring morning 

exactly what i needed


hopefully for them as well.

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thoughts for this tuesday…

“When we settle into the present moment, 
we can see beauties and wonders 
right before our eyes”
~ Thich Nhat Hanh ~

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street scenes…

a few more 
from my boston appt time.

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doc appts…

last week
another trip to boston for appts..
i usually go every month to every two months.
started to take more photos 
while there.
taking my time
to be present, in what’s around
and showing moments,
while keeping my anxiety
about my appts
in check 
with a creative outlet.


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