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sunday’s musing…

when you wake up to this… went outside, took some deep breaths,
feeling the fresh, cool air fill my lungs.
the smell of woodstoves in the air and
finding peace and beauty here in our winter wonderland. 


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thursday’s musing…

“my life isn’t perfect, but it does have perfect moments” ~ Unknown ~
Indeed it does.. so many perfect moments..
this is what I try to hold on to. 

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monday’s musing…

“I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart”
~ Vincent Van Gogh ~

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morning moments in autumn…

my most favorite time of year

here are some foggy fall moments from the other morning here at home.

 untitled shoot-1107 untitled shoot-1108 untitled shoot-1106

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thursday’s thoughts…

i sit here on cool porch at 5:00 am

listening to birds awakening

filling the air with their sweet melody

sipping steaming, hot coffee

out of a made just for me earthen ware mug

gazing at remnants of last evening skies

as it hands over the reigns

to the arrival of morning light

with its warm blush of daybreak

emerging over the river

i never grow tired of this landscape

this is how way i start my day

correction, this how i need to start my day

it fills me with a profound sense of peace

and well being. it centers me.

it always has and I suspect it always will

May 13, 2013-_DSC7444 May 13, 2013-_DSC7441 May 13, 2013-_DSC7437 May 13, 2013-_DSC7435

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my Love…

to be cared for,

inside my French Love’s thoughts,

caressed by his ideas,

kissed by his words,

loved by his soul,

he is my home.


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January 19, 2013-_DSC4649 January 19, 2013-_DSC4650

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twas an icy morning…

We’ve had quite a bit of freezing late as of late.. while it can be a little scary to drive in and or walk on, It makes for some lovely images..

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“Love is our true destiny.
We do not find the meaning of life
by ourselves alone
we find it with another.”

~ Thomas Merton ~

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twas a frosty morning (part 1) …

one of my favorite reasons for this time of year,
is early morning frost,
on fallen autumn leaves,
and the dawning light of a new day causing natural twinkle lights.

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