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letter to my porch..

may seem strange to write a letter to a porch but this porch means so many things to me that i felt this sacred place of mine needed to be thanked.

its that time of year again. the time when i have to make you ready for the long winter. i’ve already long brought in the plants. now i have to find places to store the games. take in the table cloth and candles. plastic is now covering your screens to protect you from the cold winds and snow. i have left a part of those screens open for those moments when i need to feel the caress of winter’s wind along with serenity and peace that only you, my beloved porch can bring.

i will miss my morning coffee in the early morning light. listening to the songs of birds
as they breakfast at the feeder. the hummingbirds left sometime in september and i think i will miss them most of all. at least until they return next year.

you have been my most trusted friend and ally. always there when i need comfort. i’ve
hung memories from visits to other places from your rafters and lit candles and fairy lights at night as i watch the glow bugs across the way. on days when i’m sitting in my comfy chair feeling less then optimal i know i can be soothed. you with screens and until recently open walls have been what has kept me sane on the most trying of days and weeks. i can breathe and feel whole.

i’ll still go out and visit, in my long warm bathrobe, mittened hands around hot coffee in a mug and a hand knit hat on my head. my scarf will keep my neck warm as i breath out puffs of cold air and try to capture the morning light that will dawn later and later each day. i’ll enjoy the smell of wood smoke and snow, until its just too cold to do so.

thank you for all these moments and the moments to come.

here are some of the scenes from this past season..

IMG_3231 IMG_3085 Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset IMG_2907 IMG_3470 IMG_3831

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Winter Wonderland…

We had another beautiful snow storm over the weekend.. Here are some moments to share..

February 25, 2013-_DSC5057 February 24, 2013-_DSC5033 February 24, 2013-_DSC5014 February 24, 2013-_DSC5046 February 24, 2013-_DSC5036

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The News Is In…

I got a call from my oncologist’s nurse last evening to give me the results of my Bone Marrow Biopsy.. now I did get my PET scan results last Friday but didn’t want to say anything until the BMB came back, for obvious reasons.. and I am very please to announce that my cancer is now in remission! I can’t tell you how great I feel with this news although I’m sure you could imagine.

I still have quite a while to go before feeling back to normal.. if ever due to the chemo. I will still need to get that lovely poison every six months (once a week for four weeks) for the next two years because this particular cancer has a high rate of coming back. My immune system is still shot and for how long who knows.. I’m just glad that for now I will be around to be able to heal regardless of how long it takes. In doing so I will still need to live by what I have learned over the last 6 months and apply it daily, moment by moment and keep the stress to a minimum and really and truly be happy and enjoy life. I know this will also help keep the cancer at bay and having gone through what I just went through the importance of it is huge.

I also want to say that I know I couldn’t have gone through what I have without the love and support of so many wonderful people, close by as well as far away. It was all of your thoughts, prayers and well wishes that truly made a huge difference. I’ve learned a lot of from all of you and I am internally grateful for what you have shown me.

This is such great way to start the Autumn season for me.. which just so happens to be my favorite time of year. I had taken some photos to commemorate the first day of Autumn and what better way to mix my news and my favorite season..

I took a walk in the Hallowell Reservoir yesterday and while not completely in autumn splendor, there were a few bursts of color here and there..

The day before me and mom went to a local apple orchard to get some apples and look at the pumpkins..

I wanted to take some pictures of those lovely red apples hanging from the trees but they were all gone!! Did find this one underneath one of those trees..

We had some fresh homemade apple cider donuts.. which were delicious.

Here is mom amongst the decorated pumpkins.. taken as we were leaving..

So.. yes.. this is kind of a dual post but I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my remission. Nice that I can say that now 🙂

~ peace ~

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