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friday’s musing…

Can’t seem to come out of this fog. I feel like I could sleep an eternity but having slept so much yesterday and last night I really don’t want to miss out on daytime and all that it brings. Light, warmth, bird sings, doing small chores trying to write, draw and read. Anything to feel like I’m living. This tiredness is like a heavy blanket that covers me. I can’t shrug it off. All I want to do is bury myself in it. For now though I’ll just be. On my screen in porch with the birds and morning light. 

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thursday’s musing…

“my life isn’t perfect, but it does have perfect moments” ~ Unknown ~
Indeed it does.. so many perfect moments..
this is what I try to hold on to. 

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monday’s musing…

“I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart”
~ Vincent Van Gogh ~

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monday morning….

camera in hand
trying to capture moments
of the many shades of early summer.
to feel
the lushness that is now.
to show
tightly closed buds.
before they open
revealing soft petals of velvet,
displaying their inner brilliance.

_DSC2603 _DSC2605 _DSC2607

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“Some days in late August at home are like this, the air thin and eager like this, with something in it sad and nostalgic and familiar…”

~ William Faulkner, The Sound and The Fury ~


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summer rains…

Summer is finally here… along with summer rains..


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Fair Days – Part I

A couple of weeks ago the Windsor Fair was open and while we were having beautiful sunny and warm days, which is perfect fair weather but I was not able to go because I’m not supposed to be in the sun for more then 10-15 mins. However, just as I was beginning to think I would miss this summer rite it just so happened on a day that was supposed to be 90 degrees, Mother Nature decided it was best to stay cloudy and cool. Great news for me! So I grabbed my camera and went to the fair. It was perfect, crowds were low because of the weather and I was able to walk around with out fear of the sun. Got to eat my share of fair food and for the first time ate Funnel Cake! And yes, it is different then fried dough. I actually prefer it to the dough (Funnel cake is a batter and much lighter and crispier).  I was able to be there for a couple of hours before getting tired and left just as the rains were becoming heavy. It was a lovely morning and one I was grateful to be able to enjoy.

Here is Part I of the fairgrounds as I saw it..

More images to come next week!


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Happy Friday!

Happy Friday all! Looks like summer is finally here in Maine judging by the lovely week we’ve had.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and is able to enjoy this beautiful weather 🙂

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Morning Visions…

This morning I awoke after another fitful night of sleep.. the only consolation was I was greeted with air that was much dryer and the temp cooler. Last nights storms left water droplets that have blanketed everything and now reflect the morning sun..

this image is how I saw them..

Have a great day everyone 🙂

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This morning I got treated to a wonderful surprise… one I have been waiting for all year.. the aroma of honeysuckles in my garden.. I can’t believe how much they have spread over the last two years. There are dozens of flowers just waiting to open themselves up to the coming summer and they have just started to open. I opened the door bright and early this morning to let the dogs out and I was hit with that subtle but sweet odor of honeysuckle from my garden which just so happens to be right under my kitchen windows and right to the left of my door. It was an unexpected blessing..

~ peace ~

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